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Stock Quotes Monitor Applet (Anticariat Online SRL) Price: $50
This Java (TM) applet displays stock market quotes in a nice and configurable presentation with support for live continuous update of stock quotes.
Stock Quotes Monitor Applet Download Buy Full Version

Stock Quotes Monitor Applet (Anticariat Online SRL) Price: $50
This Java (TM) applet displays stock market quotes in a nice and configurable presentation with support for live continuous update of stock quotes.
Stock Quotes Monitor Applet Download Buy Full Version

LotSoftPro Pick (INW) Price: $28
* LotSoftPro answers the needs of Pick3 and/or Pick4 players, providing in depth analyses of the draws along with filterstructures.
LotSoftPro Pick Download Buy Full Version

The Little Book of Computer Secrets (PCEZI) Price: $29.95
Congratulations! You are moments away from having a better relationship with your computer. One where you are the boss. After you download your product, you will receive an instructional email. Please read the email carefully.
The Little Book of Computer Secrets Download Buy Full Version

ePodcast Creator (Blaze Audio) Price: $89.95
Create podcasts: record, make voiceovers, edit, and upload all from a single podcasting program. The editor gives your PC the power & creative control of a sound studio. No need to know about code or RSS feeds.
ePodcast Creator Download Buy Full Version

tauElastica 1.0 (MartinLayooInc) Price: $40
Requires .NET 2.0 framework Support and Bug Reports: FEM (finite element analysis methods of modelling structures), Civil/Structural Engineering Software.
tauElastica Download Buy Full Version

Graham Process Mapping (The Ben Graham Corporation) Price: $99
Detail process maps for documenting, developing, improving and managing business processes. Graham process maps clearly show the interrelated flows and relationships of multiple forms, emails, reports, databases, systems and other items in a process.
Graham Process Mapping Download Buy Full Version

Billy The Kid (Jack Teeter) Price: $9.99
Billy The Kid is a fast-paced, first-person, present-tense novella. The story, about a kidnapping in Jamaica, is driven by action and dialogue.
Billy The Kid Download Buy Full Version

Dangerous Music (Jack Teeter) Price: $9.99
Dangerous Music is an inspirational love story.
Dangerous Music Download Buy Full Version

ConTEXT Ad Generator (Affiliate AD Price: $10
Automatically and seamlessly embed relevant affiliate links directly into your content, so they just look like regular links to other related articles on your website? Do you think they would receive more clicks? ...
ConTEXT Ad Generator Download Buy Full Version

ScreenFlash 2.0 (UNFLASH) Price: $169
If you want to build animated, interactive software tutorials in the shortest time, ScreenFlash is your best choice! It is the easiest and most effective tool for demonstrating your software product, adding animations to your application's Help system...
ScreenFlash Download Buy Full Version

Data Author 2.0 (Red Moon Software Ltd) Price: $399
RedMoon Software introduce version 2 of the most advanced data generation software available in todays market. Data Author v2.0 provides you with the tools to create any test data you choose, time and time again.
Data Author Download Buy Full Version

Inventor by ThoughtOffice 1.5.1 (ThoughtOffice Corporation) Price: $197
ThoughtOffice Inventor - The Essential Idea Engine for Innovation, Product Design & Development, and individual / group Brainstorming.
Inventor by ThoughtOffice Download Buy Full Version

Epitaph (Frugal Fiction LLC) Price: $3.99
When an artist meets a woman who loves his art and wants to know him better, he's thrilled. Soon, they're spending all their time together. By the time he discovers that she's a vampire, it's too late - he's already infected.
Epitaph Download Buy Full Version

Facil HelpDesk (Cromosoft) Price: $60
Facil HelpDesk is an customer support management system for PHP, based in tickets, enabling users to track and manage their support requests faster.
Facil HelpDesk Download Buy Full Version

Amusements in Mathematics (DNAML) Price: $4.95
This eBook contains an exhaustive supply of mathematical problems and puzzles, providing many ours of entertainment for those who really enjoy mathematics.
Amusements in Mathematics Download Buy Full Version

Blog Blaster (Affiliate AD Price: $19.95
People maintained blogs long before the term was coined, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems, most notably Blogger at
Blog Blaster Download Buy Full Version

zip2profit (Affiliate AD Price: $10
Zip2Profit - Easy to Use! Zip2Profit was created to be easy to use. This will save you time and minimize time spent on customer support. * There's only 1 file to give away. * No setup needed.
zip2profit Download Buy Full Version

VideoLock for Webcam 1.0 (Alexander Julio Lara Pereda) Price: $37.99
If that of the doors that are opened with digital tracks or the machines that work after analyzing the rainbow of the user sounds to film, very you are mistaken.
VideoLock for Webcam Download Buy Full Version

Recuva 1.06.132 (Alexander Julio Lara Pereda) Price: $5
Recuva is a utility used to recover deleted files. This includes files emptied from the Recycle Bin, as well as images and other files that have been deleted by mistake. Program free.
Recuva Download Buy Full Version

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