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Super Text Search (BigNet Store) Price: $29
Super Text Search is a utility which enables you to quickly search files for text. You can search anything from a single file to an entire drive for any text you need to find. Both plain text files (program source code, batch files, HTML files, etc.
Super Text Search Download Buy Full Version

iQ-GATEWAY (IMAGE Information Systems Ltd.) Price: $799
The iQ-Gateway is the solution for direct transmission of compressed image data via low-cost narrow band connections if your existent modalities are not equipped with these features.
iQ-GATEWAY Download Buy Full Version

iQ-FORWARD (IMAGE Information Systems Ltd.) Price: $1
The iQ-Forward Manager is designed to automate the workflow in a medical network. The tool receives the most different sets of data via DICOM Store and then analyses them according to tag-criteria that have been defined in advance.
iQ-FORWARD Download Buy Full Version

SpeechEmail (Speech Tools Center) Price: $9.95
SpeechEmail lets you record and send audio messages instead of ordinary e-mail. All you need to do is speak and click, which will take less time . It has a friendly interface that is easy to use.
SpeechEmail Download Buy Full Version

Ad Peeps (IMPACT Software Company) Price: $75
Ad Peeps is a fast and reliable banner rotator that allows you to rotate and track a variety of GIF, JPG, PNG, FLASH and text ads on your website.
Ad Peeps Download Buy Full Version

68 Fast Quality Templates ( Price: $13.5
Discover The Ready-to-Start Web Solution That Lets You Build Highly Professional WebSites, Explode your Net Sales Rapidly & Save you a Fortune On Web Developer Fees!" Dear Friend, These days...
68 Fast Quality Templates Download Buy Full Version

Pure Profit Software ( Price: $14.95
Each product included in this package offers a specific benefit that can help you and your customers save time, money, and headaches, while increasing online profitability. Click on the Titles to Learn More...
Pure Profit Software Download Buy Full Version

Kybtec World Clock 2.04.03 (Kybtec Software) Price: $29.9
See the time all over the world on this attractive desktop world clock. World Clock lets you see the time and date in any area of the world.
Kybtec World Clock Download Buy Full Version

testtest (TEST Account G.O.A.T.) Price: $5.43
The long description will appear on the order form. This should be about a paragraph long, and helps the customer verify what they are ordering, as well as giving them information about the product assuming they have come from an external website.
testtest Download Buy Full Version

X2Net SmartSum (X2Net Limited) Price: $17.95
X2Net SmartSum 3.
X2Net SmartSum Download Buy Full Version

Talking Headline News Alarm (Knowledge Probe Inc) Price: $10
The Talking Headline News Alarm Clock (THAC) is an intelligent productivity aid for MS/Windows that will wake you up by actually speaking the current news headlines with your computer's voice, turning on the lights or playing the radio in your bedroom.
Talking Headline News Alarm Download Buy Full Version

PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter (AutoDWG) Price: $180
PDF to DWG Converter, an AutoCAD Addin help you import PDF file into AutoCAD. It supports AutoCAD 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2000/i and R14. Features:Accepts single page or multipage PDF input, convert PDF file into native dwg file.
PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter Download Buy Full Version

Pocket Antiquarium (Quadrivium Software) Price: $19
Pocket Antiquarium is the only software in the world for browsing classical Greek and Latin texts on the Pocket PC platform (you should own TLG or PHI CD with text databases).
Pocket Antiquarium Download Buy Full Version

Tiff Paging (Helmsman) Price: $49.5
A new unique utility for those who deal with tiff files. Tiff Pager can extract the pages you want from your tiff file, i.e. the first 10 ones or every oddeven one.
Tiff Paging Download Buy Full Version

APFill Ink Coverage Meter (AVPSoft) Price: $39.95
APFill Ink Coverage Meter is a unique tool for PrintShops and Home users. Now you can optimize pages you print to spend less Ink, Toner and Money. Ink, toner usage is usually described by the printer manufactures as so many pages of A4 using 5% coverage.
APFill Ink Coverage Meter Download Buy Full Version

eblocs bundle (Network Dynamics, Corp.) Price: $120
Bundle Includes: Pop-Up Blocs 2.0 - kills pop-ups before they open! SpamBlocs 2.0 - the most accurate spam blocking technology Axxelerator 2.0 -Increases your PC speed by 300%.
eblocs bundle Download Buy Full Version

PayPal Flash Button Creator 1.5 (Beaver Valley Software Corporation) Price: $29.95
Chances are you've had your PayPal email address collected by a spam robot. Then your inbox is filled with all sorts of irrelevant emails that you don't want. You can protect your email address with the PayPal Flash Button Creator.
PayPal Flash Button Creator Download Buy Full Version

Help Writer (Beaver Valley Software Corporation) Price: $99.95
This program creates HTML help files for the developer who needs to create help systems for their applications. It requires the Microsoft HTML Help Compiler. You can set it up to use any HTML Editor that you want.
Help Writer Download Buy Full Version

StormPay Flash Button Creator (Beaver Valley Software Corporation) Price: $29.95
Are you tired of receiving spam to your StormPay email account? Spammers use robots to harvest email from html pages. With normal html button code, your email address is a sitting duck.
StormPay Flash Button Creator Download Buy Full Version

E-Gold Flash Button Creator (Beaver Valley Software Corporation) Price: $29.95
Chances are you've heard how easy it is to look at the source code of a webpage and see the payment information. And even how someone can take the code and change the price of a product. So you want to find a way to secure the information.
E-Gold Flash Button Creator Download Buy Full Version

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