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EXTIF pro 2.0 (DriverLab SRL) Price: $187
Color separation without detour via PDF - not only from MS Office (.doc, .ppt, .xls) On the - so far conventional - workflow via PostScript/PDF very often there are problems with color, missing fonts and pixelation.
EXTIF pro Download Buy Full Version

WaveLib.Net (Coding Concepts) Price: $19.95
WaveLib.Net is a C#.Net library that is designed to allow the programmer to have control of the low level wavein and waveout Windows api's. WaveLib.Net was designed from the ground up to be compatible with the current .
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NewStartMenu (Hongdi software Company) Price: $19.95
NewStartMenu can replace your start menu with your own menu, it is easy to use! you can switch between your start menu and windows start can hide your desktop and system tray.
NewStartMenu Download Buy Full Version

Event Log Viewer Pro ( Price: $59
Event Log Viewer...
Event Log Viewer Pro Download Buy Full Version

Vital Desktop Video (Blink Development) Price: $9.99
You've seen other animated wallpapers and Vital Desktop Video blows them all out of the water. Full speed, full screen video animation behind the desktop icons -- and YOU get to choose the video. We have provided sample videos at www.blinkdevelopment.
Vital Desktop Video Download Buy Full Version

Purchase Agent Lite (Towiba Software Technologies Inc.) Price: $95.99
Do you find yourself purchasing the same parts, supplies, or services over and over again? Do you hand-write or type purchase orders that look almost the same every time? Do you get frustrated with mail delays, phone ordering...
Purchase Agent Lite Download Buy Full Version

McFunSoft Audio Studio (McFunSoft) Price: $34.95
Not only can you use McFunSoft Audio Studio to grab music from a CD, you can record audios, in virtually any format. Stop there, and burn your improved, converted audio files to disc.
McFunSoft Audio Studio Download Buy Full Version

Password Locker (Capitol Solutions) Price: $14.95
Password Locker is the convenient software solution that remembers all your usernames, passwords and website address.
Password Locker Download Buy Full Version

SiteInFile Compiler 1.10 ( Price: $39.95
You will receive information electronically immediately after...
SiteInFile Compiler Download Buy Full Version

Web Site 4 Me (4meSoftware) Price: $25
Introductory Special was $99.95 now $25.00 Limited time offer. For individuals and companies wanting to quickly create a professional website presence.
Web Site 4 Me Download Buy Full Version

RemoteSpy (CyberSpy Software) Price: $89.95
RemoteSpy is the latest in HighTech Pc surveillance software that monitors and records all computer and internet activity from anywhere in the world.
RemoteSpy Download Buy Full Version

SnoopCap (SnoopSoft Corporation) Price: $6
SnoopCap is specifically designed with Windows Mobile 2003 SE devices in mind and can quickly and easily capture any screen from any device at any resolution! The program will automatically determine the size of the display so there's no need to defin...
SnoopCap Download Buy Full Version

WEB Position (SOFTWARE DOMINIOS) Price: $299
Es la optimizacisn del motor de bzsqueda (SEO) no es un esfuerzo de una sola vez. Las variables que influencian visibilidad y graduaciones de la bzsqueda estan cambiando constantemente.
WEB Position Download Buy Full Version

Crystal Button 2.8 (SOFTWARE DOMINIOS) Price: $25
Crystal Button Este software le permite crear la calidad profesional, botones znicos en cuestisn de minutos. Con el botsn cristalino usted puede crear una variedad de 2.
Crystal Button Download Buy Full Version

Advanced RAR Password Recovery (SOFTWARE DOMINIOS) Price: $30
Es la recuperacisn de la contraseqa. Las contraseqas perdidas para los archivos de los programas tales como RAR/WinRAR (2.xx y 3.
Advanced RAR Password Recovery Download Buy Full Version

HDD Regenerator 1.51 (SOFTWARE DOMINIOS) Price: $55
HDD Regenerator es el único programa para el disco duro fisico. No deja los sectores dañados sino que los repara.
HDD Regenerator Download Buy Full Version

My Screen Recorder 2.46 (DeskShare) Price: $29.95
Record your PC desktop screen activity to an AVI file. This advanced screen capturing tool can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors, and even video with sound.
My Screen Recorder Download Buy Full Version

Spyware Detector 6.0 (Six Cube Technologies) Price: $24.95
Its no secret that this entire spyware industry is driven by you the user and the quest for your money and/or information (which...
Spyware Detector Download Buy Full Version

Lyrics4You 2.5 (Audio4You Software) Price: $12.9
Lyrics4You is an unique new entertainment software that brings karaoke to your PC. Lyrics4You is able to synchronize lyrics to most popular formats of digital music including MP3, WAV, OGG, MIDI and KAR files.
Lyrics4You Download Buy Full Version

O&O BlueCon XXL 5.0 (O&O Software GmbH) Price: $349
O&O BlueCon XXL Administrator's Suite now offers users even more ways to rescue data and systems under Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT.
O&O BlueCon XXL Download Buy Full Version

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