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SpyHunter (Enigma Software Group) Price: $29.99
SpyHunter will hunt down and remove spyware and adware, utilizing proprietary techniques for difficult programs other antispyware programs cannot remove.
SpyHunter Download Buy Full Version

Mind Machine (Katana Games S.L.) Price: $19.95
Vitamin M for your mind.
Mind Machine Download Buy Full Version

SpyMail For OE ( Price: $34.99
Capture and record all emails in Outlook Express while running hidden in the background. Once installed, SpyMail will watch your Outlook Express.
SpyMail For OE Download Buy Full Version

DatingClub (W2B - Web to Business, LLC.) Price: $299.95
Dating Club is a powerful and complete web application that meets today's needs for a specialized dating website.
DatingClub Download Buy Full Version

phpDatingClub (W2B - Web to Business, LLC.) Price: $299.95
phpDatingClub is a perfect choice to start a fully automated dating service and add functionality and appeal to your web site; highly scalable, can support over 100...
phpDatingClub Download Buy Full Version

phpGreetCards 3.7 (W2B - Web to Business, LLC.) Price: $49.95
phpGreetCards is a full featured, completely automated Web Application that allows your website visitors to have fun creating and sending electronic Postcards to their family and friends.
phpGreetCards Download Buy Full Version

Draftability (Draftability) Price: $85
Draftability accept checks by phone...
Draftability Download Buy Full Version

Charm Real Converter (CharmMedia Software) Price: $29.95
Charm Real Converter is a super tool for converting AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV and QuickTime files to Real Media files, edit RM file's property. It supports batch convertion.
Charm Real Converter Download Buy Full Version

Radar Website Monitor 4.5.6 (ApicalSoft) Price: $99.95
Get the power and freedom to monitor your website with just three clicks. Radar Website Monitor is an automated multithreaded tool that keeps a close and constant watch over your website.
Radar Website Monitor Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft DocuMerger (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
DocuMerger merges template PDF files with the existing document content, specifying which page you want to merge. This tool allows you, for example, to apply company letterheads to PDF content.
Mapsoft DocuMerger Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft ThumbNails (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
ThumbNails embeds thumbnails within a document. A thumbnail is a miniature view of each page within a document.
Mapsoft ThumbNails Download Buy Full Version

EasyStockDater AutoAnalyser (easystockdater) Price: $29.98
AutoAnalyser is a very unique trading software Unlike other software programs in this field it has real value to offer for the trader and investors.
EasyStockDater AutoAnalyser Download Buy Full Version

EZ-Files Technical Indicator Lib ( Price: $79.95
The EZ-Files Library contains 26 technical indicators pre-built in Excel Spreadsheet Format. These Excel files are tremendously useful for constructing securities trading, technical analysis, or statistical models in Excel.
EZ-Files Technical Indicator Lib Download Buy Full Version

Acute Softwares TimerPRO (Acute Software) Price: $49.95
Acute Softwares TimerPRO is a powerful program which allows you to sequence multiple timers and alarms time in a number of ways on Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 It has three main timing modes: Manual Mode (Acts as a standard stopwatch) Timer Mod...
Acute Softwares TimerPRO Download Buy Full Version

Ashampoo SeeYa (ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG) Price: $39.99
Ashampoo SeeYa! 2 allows you to compress images and voice to create a compact, one-file, talking slideshow. Or add text messages that can be displayed directly to the picture. An executable file, which could be saved as ZIP-file, too.
Ashampoo SeeYa Download Buy Full Version

Mud Checksheet (Jack Hamilton Consulting, LLC.) Price: $39.95
This program prints forms for the chemical checks of both water- based and oil - based drilling fluids to be filled in when doing the actual checks.
Mud Checksheet Download Buy Full Version

T-Minus Birthday Countdown (Marco Software) Price: $9.99
Your anticipation will build as you count down the days, hours and minutes. A software program for your PC that's fun and easy to use.The Countdown Clock sits on your desktop so you can monitor the time until your special event.
T-Minus Birthday Countdown Download Buy Full Version

Lotto Picker 2.0 (Leading Product Sales) Price: $37.19
Lotto Picker Lottery Software. An advanced Lottery Software and Lotto Picker tool for predicting UK Lottery Numbers.
Lotto Picker Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft Automator (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
With Automator, you can select a combination of Mapsoft plug-ins and create a sequence of actions. Each tool can be added to the list more than once and each time it can use different settings.
Mapsoft Automator Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft AcroBatch (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
You can create, edit and run Acrobat batches from AcroBatch. The power of this tool comes when you run its saved configurations under MacroBatch.
Mapsoft AcroBatch Download Buy Full Version

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