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Mapsoft BookMarker (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
Use the TextSelect tool from the Acrobat toolbar to highlight a sample of text. Bookmarker then uses the attributes of the selected text to define a particular bookmark level. Bookmarks can be nested to any level.
Mapsoft BookMarker Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft ContentScaler (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
Using ContentScaler, you can scale the entire contents of selected pages of a PDF document by a specified percentage.
Mapsoft ContentScaler Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft Flattener (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
Flattener allows you to dramatically reduce the size of certain PDF files by flattening active parts within the document, like navigation buttons and forms.
Mapsoft Flattener Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft ImagePlacer (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
ImagePlacer is a very powerful publishing tool which allows you to stamp a graphical image onto specified pages within a PDF document.
Mapsoft ImagePlacer Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft InfoSetter (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
InfoSetter sets document information in your PDF document(s). This tool allows you to set or change the standard PDFBs document information fields as follows: Title, Subject, Author, Keyword, Index, Base URL.
Mapsoft InfoSetter Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft PageManager (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
PageManager offers you facilities to manage your documents. Using PageManager you can create, remove, insert and replace pages from within files all within a process that can be automated using MapsoftBs unique automation tool, Automator.
Mapsoft PageManager Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft OpenOptions (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
OpenOptions manages AcrobatBs open options, including Initial View, Window and User Interface options.
Mapsoft OpenOptions Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft SecuritySetter (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
Acrobat has various in-built security features controlling access to PDF documents. Within Acrobat these features have to be set on a file-by-file basis (by selecting the File > Save As menu item).
Mapsoft SecuritySetter Download Buy Full Version

Smart Converter Pro (Smart Soft) Price: $19.9
The program converts between WAV (compressed and uncompressed), MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio 9), AVI audio, WMA and many other formats.
Smart Converter Pro Download Buy Full Version

Audio Record Expert (Guangming Software) Price: $29.95
Record all sound going through the sound card on the fly into MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, MP4, VOX, AU, AIFF format. Support silence detection (Voice Activity Detection).
Audio Record Expert Download Buy Full Version

World of Flowers (Argentum Corporation) Price: $15
Buy 90 art works for your desktop! Discover the naked beauty of flowers with this pack. Flowers from all over the world. Wild nature, impressive colors, and a joy forever. The 11.3 MB art pack includes 90 high-quality images for your desktop.
World of Flowers Download Buy Full Version

Mud Engineer Drilling (Jack Hamilton Consulting, LLC.) Price: $750
This program is designed to make the Daily Mud Report fast and easy instead of a drudgery in that the only entries necessary are the changes that occurred since the last report.
Mud Engineer Drilling Download Buy Full Version

TiffCombine 1.01 (Helmsman) Price: $39.5
A new handy utility that combines several pages into one tiff file. TiffCombine is easy-to-use and has transparent interface. All you have to do is to setup it and make several clicks.
TiffCombine Download Buy Full Version

Mapsoft DogEars (Mapsoft Computer Services Limited) Price: $99
DogEars is a publishing tool for use with Adobe Acrobat for marking pages within a document so that you can quickly flip back to them when you require.
Mapsoft DogEars Download Buy Full Version

Spy Ware Detector 6.0 (Six Cube Technologies) Price: $29.99
Spyware Detector is a exclusive anti-spyware solution for Corporate and Home users. The software is designed to protect your PC from the spyware threat.
Spy Ware Detector Download Buy Full Version

Wnaspi32 DLL QuickSetup (FrontBack LLC) Price: $12
A very simple way to install wnaspi32.dll to your system. Designed for non-technical users. This dll may be required by your software to access your DVD and CD drives. The file will be supplied by email download after purchase.
Wnaspi32 DLL QuickSetup Download Buy Full Version

Radar Website Monitor 4.5.6 (ASCII Art Generator Software) Price: $99.95
Radar Website Monitor is a multithreaded website monitoring tool, watching different protocols, including HTTP(S), SMTP, POP3, FTP, TCP. It can log the server performance, generate real-time reports, and notify you upon detection of problem or error.
Radar Website Monitor Download Buy Full Version

Unit Conversion Tool 5.0 (74 Technologies) Price: $39.99
Is a measurement conversion tool that enables you to convert from over 1,000 different measurement units in 27 different categories for a total of over 100,000 possible conversions.
Unit Conversion Tool Download Buy Full Version

Disaster CheckList (B. Software dba LingleTech) Price: $9.99
Helps prepare you for an emergencies and disasters such as war, terrorism, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. Use as a checklist. Being prepared can make a difference in the outcome of disaster.
Disaster CheckList Download Buy Full Version

OpticNT (Torseq Tech.) Price: $19.95
Do you know what your children are doing online after school? Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? Are your employees wasting time and company assets surfing porn sites or chatting online when they should be working? This advanced...
OpticNT Download Buy Full Version

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