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Bmp2Html Website Creator (Midimass Software) Price: $34.84
Bmp2Html Website Creator is a unique program for computer-aided producing of those hypertext documents or web-sites, that have forming graphic borders tables as their basis of visual design.
Bmp2Html Website Creator Download Buy Full Version

Call Accounting Mate 2.6.1 (Call Accounting And Billing Software) Price: $350
Call Accounting Mate is an industrial strength, fast and reliable call accounting software that can be used in institutions such as offices, hospitals, universities, and organizations that need to allocate telecom costs to various individuals...
Call Accounting Mate Download Buy Full Version

Sketch (BlackBoard Software, Inc. dba LingleTech) Price: $9.99
Save signatures and drawings anytime and anywhere. Give your signature or drawing a name and an optional detailed note. List all your images, which are sorted by name. You can then find, select and edit/view the detail of that record.
Sketch Download Buy Full Version

Spaz Attack (NeverSleep Games) Price: $9.95
Battle against the machine as you try to complete the falling block puzzle and advance to the next level. There are many weapons that the computer has at it's disposal...all guaranteed to make you spaz out. Just when you thought you could fill a spot ..
Spaz Attack Download Buy Full Version

Likno Web Button Maker 2.0.116 (Likno Software) Price: $35
Likno Web Button Maker is a user-friendly software for creating unique and professional custom 3D web buttons for your web pages and projects fast and easy.
Likno Web Button Maker Download Buy Full Version

Attractive Clock (Digital Estate Systems) Price: $14.95
Attractive Clock is an analog desktop clock. It is built into your computer and is completely customizable to your tastes. It supports different languages and skins. Attractive Clock is the most beautiful active additive for your wallpaper.
Attractive Clock Download Buy Full Version

ChapayChi 3D (Ochirware) Price: $19.95
Realized: Alexander the Great shield, board of the Knight,Shaman's tambourine. The objective of Chapay Chi is to reveal the most skilled, careful and successful player.
ChapayChi 3D Download Buy Full Version

SpyBlocs 6.0 (Network Dynamics, Corp.) Price: $39.99
Detect and remove all Spyware and Adwaware from your PC with SpyBlocs. Protect yourself from identity theft today. Stops unwanted popups and dramatically increases the speed an performance of your PC. Over 10 Million satisfied users worldwide.
SpyBlocs Download Buy Full Version

General Registration (SBB Games) Price: $10
Use For General...
General Registration Download Buy Full Version

My Movie Desktop 1.1 (Volcano Force) Price: $9.95
Want set your favorite movie as desktop? My Movie Desktop is the software you are looking for. With easy setup, you can set any movie as desktop. It's just like the normal wallpaper behind icons, but the movie is still playing. Only little memory is used.
My Movie Desktop Download Buy Full Version

Scheduler Pro Ocx 2.2.6 (Gaia Consulting) Price: $150
The ActiveX control ScPro.ocx is designed to build professional applications for job scheduling. This control can display and manage any type of data that can be presented in a Gantt schedule format. The ActiveX control ScPro.
Scheduler Pro Ocx Download Buy Full Version

AT-tfLove ( Price: $14.99
AT-tfLove - PostNuke Version - AT-tfLove celebrates all that is great about Valentines day! Our latest theme is a spin on our recent Christmas theme just in time for February 14th! The latest of our Autotheme powered themes can be quickly customis...
AT-tfLove Download Buy Full Version

Pilot Morse Code Trainer (EGH Software) Price: $29.99
Pilot morse code trainer is a software trainer that is custom developed for training pilots to confidently and quickly identify navaids.
Pilot Morse Code Trainer Download Buy Full Version

Research Lab Speech Engine DLL 5.0 (United Research Labs) Price: $299
Research Lab Speech Engine...
Research Lab Speech Engine DLL Download Buy Full Version

Winlogon GINA DLL (United Research Labs) Price: $1
Winlogon GINA...
Winlogon GINA DLL Download Buy Full Version

MMS Speech Server (United Research Labs) Price: $79
MMS Speech...
MMS Speech Server Download Buy Full Version

WinAARE (United Research Labs) Price: $99
Advanced Audio Effects...
WinAARE Download Buy Full Version

DryChess (Rifat Hossain) Price: $15
DryChess is a software program for playing online Chess through Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
DryChess Download Buy Full Version

Localization Primer (StratPlan Software) Price: $2.95
Focused on the needs of busy executives and managers new to the processes of translation and localization, this whitepaper provides a concise introduction to the industry and issues involved in localizing your product, service...
Localization Primer Download Buy Full Version

WordWrapper ( Price: $15
Tired of the hassle of removing "hard" carriage returns from your text? Word Wrapper solves your problem instantly. It replaces the returns (or carriage return/line feed combination) with a space so your word processor can easily reformat your text.
WordWrapper Download Buy Full Version

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