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DirectShow Alparysoft Deinterlace filter (Alparysoft R&D) Price: $40
You possibly noticed that in many movies - especially shot with home camcorders - in episodes where fast movement is recorded, the image looks blurred and stripped.
DirectShow Alparysoft Deinterlace filter Download Buy Full Version

Alparysoft Denoise Filter (Alparysoft R&D) Price: $40
The filter for removing noise from the video image. In the process of recording video, as well as at its transmitting and transfer to various carriers, different kinds of noise worsening the quality of video image can appear on the tape.
Alparysoft Denoise Filter Download Buy Full Version

HT Video Editor 6.0 (Honest Technology) Price: $69
honestech's HT Video Editor 6.0 is a powerful video editing software that helps you to create a professional quality videos from your personal videos, digital images and audio files.
HT Video Editor 6.0 Download Buy Full Version

HT Video to DVD (Honest Technology) Price: $39
honestech's HT Video To DVD is a software that lets you convert VHS tapes to CDs or DVDs. You can easily create, in real-time, VCDs, SVCDs, or DVDs of the videos you made yourself or recordings of movies or TV shows.
HT Video to DVD Download Buy Full Version

HT Video Splitter & Joiner 2.0 (Honest Technology) Price: $25
honestech's HT Video Splitter & Joiner 2.
HT Video Splitter & Joiner 2.0 Download Buy Full Version

HT MPEG Encoder 7.0 (Honest Technology) Price: $49
Honestech's HT MPEG Encoder 6.0 is a product that is capable of an encoder with high compression rate and fast conversion, and shows its true performance when used with a Intel MMX products.
HT MPEG Encoder Download Buy Full Version

X Video Joiner 1.60 (X-Kit) Price: $25.95
X Video Joiner lets you join multiple movie clips of AVI(DivX), MPEG/MPG and WMV/ASF together into one large movie files and create slideshows with background music from you favorite photos and pictures.
X Video Joiner Download Buy Full Version

Super Clone DVD 4.0 (nod image) Price: $45
1. DVD to DVD copy , Clone DVD coming true. 2. Copy DVD to Hard Disk and burn it to DVD disc. 3. Burn DVD Video Disk. 4. Best pictures as good as the origin DVD. 5. 1:1 DVD Copy. 6. Support DVD9 and DVD 5 to one DVD Disc Copy.
Super Clone DVD Download Buy Full Version

River Past PlayDV 3.0 (River Past) Price: $19.95
River Past PlayDV is a easy-to-use and flexible DV player. Now you can view your DV tape on your PC! PlayDV gives you the full control over the DV camcorder connected to your PC via 1394 iLink connection.
River Past PlayDV Download Buy Full Version

Quick Flash Player (123renamer) Price: $19.95
Quick Flash Player is a stand-alone flash player that enables Flash Users to quickly browse the SWF files.Quick Flash Player offers a variety of playback capabilities including full screen mode.
Quick Flash Player Download Buy Full Version

Video Master: Joiner,Splitter 1.3 (Lencom Software inc) Price: $39
Touchillusion Videomaster not only splits, copies and pastes your movies but easily converts AVI, MPEG or any other type of videos into any other format including the Macromedia Flash SWF , GIF and more.
Video Master: Joiner,Splitter Download Buy Full Version

TwainBridge (Puntoexe) Price: $149
TwainBridge allows to acquire still images from video acquisition devices. It is compatible with almost all the available video devices (video devices supplied with WDM driver or directShow).
TwainBridge Download Buy Full Version

DVD to VCD AVI DivX Converter (YASASoft) Price: $29.95
DVD to VCD AVI DivX Converter is a DVD ripping,clipping and backup tool. It can copy or convert DVD to VCD (MPEG-1), SVCD (MPEG-2), or AVI/DivX. It is very easy to use and have a high efficent.
DVD to VCD AVI DivX Converter Download Buy Full Version

Rm To AVI VCD SVCD DVD Converter Pro (Excellence Software,Inc.) Price: $34.95
Super RM to AVI VCD SVCD DVD MPEG Converter is a super software tool for converting RM or RAM to AVI DVD VCD SVCD MPEG. RM to avi, RM to dvd, RM to vcd, RM to svcd, RM to mpeg format.
Rm To AVI VCD SVCD DVD Converter Pro Download Buy Full Version

AVI/MPEG CD Maker (Lacoj Software) Price: $24.95
Photo2CD is a super tool to convert your favorite digital photos to a VCD picture show. With Photo2Cd, you can archive your digital pictures on a long-lasting CD which is playable on VCD/DVD players.
AVI/MPEG CD Maker Download Buy Full Version

Videocharge 3.6. (Videocharge) Price: $39.95
Features of the application: work with a quantity of files in a queue splitting, joining and converting AVI to MPG, MPEG-1, Divx(MPEG-4), AVI(different codec) and vice versa splitting, joining and converting ASF...
Videocharge Download Buy Full Version

DVDuck 1.01 (Helmsman) Price: $14.5
New DVD-player DVDuck - features and benefits: - Easy and most friendly interface. Original frames. A good combination of simplicity and elegance. - Plenty of choice.
DVDuck Download Buy Full Version

ACA Screen Recorder 2.01 2.03 ( Price: $29.95
ACA Screen Recorder captures the action from your Windows screen and saves it as a standard, easily edited, AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file.
ACA Screen Recorder 2.01 Download Buy Full Version

Zilla Video Converter & Decompiler ( Price: $29
Unioversal Video File Converter & Decompiler for MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI (Windows Video), WMV (Windows Media Video), ASF & RM (Real Media). Apply a variety of effects during conversion. Extract Single Video Frames to Image Files.
Zilla Video Converter & Decompiler Download Buy Full Version

X Video Converter 2.10 (SecureKit) Price: $25.95
XVideoConverter is powerful, full-featured and easy to use software to convert all video formats (as long as the Windows media player can play) to what you need on TV play or PC play.
X Video Converter Download Buy Full Version

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