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SendTo Magic 3.0.2 (Donovan Dunning) Price: $19.95
Copy and move files fast using the SendTo menu and your list of recent folders.
SendTo Magic Download Buy Full Version

MagicPack (Donovan Dunning) Price: $24.95
The MagicPack contains SendTo Magic and HotKey Magic.
MagicPack Download Buy Full Version

Hasty Paste (Donovan Dunning) Price: $12.95
Hasty Paste is a clipboard utility that simplifies copying and pasting files.
Hasty Paste Download Buy Full Version

CD Finder 2.0 2.1 (Adam Lyttle) Price: $12.95
Search your CD's with speedy results!
CD Finder 2.0 Download Buy Full Version

PhotoClerk (Loaded Deck Software) Price: $24.95
Large-volume digital photo management utility.
PhotoClerk Download Buy Full Version

Black Fire Networks - File Indexer (Black Fire Networks) Price: $9
Program used to sort and organize files. This program specializes in MP3 organization.
Black Fire Networks - File Indexer Download Buy Full Version

Find EXPRESS (Armen Mkrtchyan) Price: $14.95
An advanced file searching utility which integrates into the Windows Explorer
Find EXPRESS Download Buy Full Version

Copy Cleaner (Armen Mkrtchyan) Price: $15
Allows to find and erase duplicate files on your drives easily.
Copy Cleaner Download Buy Full Version

Rename EXPRESS (Armen Mkrtchyan) Price: $15
Rename several mp3 and any other files via building the filename templates via drag'n'drop.
Rename EXPRESS Download Buy Full Version

Split & Stick (Armen Mkrtchyan) Price: $14.95
Split large AVI and other files to smaller parts and stick them back.
Split & Stick Download Buy Full Version

AccuSplit (Joseph Flynn) Price: $10
Win32 file splitting utility that uses a MD5 Message Digest algorithm to verify data integrity
AccuSplit Download Buy Full Version

FileDeamon (DeamonSoft) Price: $18
Smart file utility for all mac user in Amiga style.
FileDeamon Download Buy Full Version

File Fitter (Portable Software) Price: $9
A utlity to split files into smaller parts for distribution by disk or internet which integrates into the Windows Explorer.
File Fitter Download Buy Full Version

Pocket File Finder (Portable Software) Price: $9
Find any file on your Pocket PC, manage files and folders, build HTML reports of searches
Pocket File Finder Download Buy Full Version

FileDicer 1.0 (Planet Lex Software) Price: $12
An easy-to-use utility to break files that are too large for floppies or e-mailing into smaller, more manageable pieces and restore the original file later. Password option included.
FileDicer Download Buy Full Version

RapidTrak (MacPeak) Price: $39.95
RapidTrak  is a disk management utility for SCSI drives, includes formatting, partitioning, and caching features.
RapidTrak Download Buy Full Version

Original CD Burner & CD Emulator (ZTekWare) Price: $29.95
Create Virtual CD-ROM on your computer to emulate Audio CD, Data CD, Game CD
Original CD Burner & CD Emulator Download Buy Full Version

ThisFolder: SortMP3s (ThisFolder) Price: $15
ThisFolder: SortMP3s automatically sorts MP3s in a folder into sub-folders, based on ID3/ID3v2 and other file information.
ThisFolder: SortMP3s Download Buy Full Version

ThisFolder: CreateFolders (ThisFolder) Price: $15
ThisFolder: CreateFolders quickly creates folders.
ThisFolder: CreateFolders Download Buy Full Version

ThisFolder: DeleteEmptyFolders (ThisFolder) Price: $15
ThisFolder: DeleteEmptyFolders quickly deletes empty folders.
ThisFolder: DeleteEmptyFolders Download Buy Full Version

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