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Event Archiver Enterprise 3.0

Event Archiver Enterprise 3.0 - Automatic Windows NT/2000 Event Log Collection and Consolidation

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Description of Event Archiver Enterprise 3.0:

Ever since the Windows NT platform was introduced by Microsoft several years ago, network administrators have struggled with the task of maintaining their event logs. Every Windows NT machine, be it a Workstation or Server, has three event logs: the Application, Security, and System logs. All three of these event logs serve a vital purpose, such as reporting on the status of applications, auditing access attempts on computers throughout the network, and indicating potential hardware problems before they become catastrophic.

Although event logs serve many vital purposes, they do pose problems for network administrators because they grow in size rapidly. In some cases, administrators may choose to make NT machines overwrite old event log entries when the logs become full, in a circular action. In most security conscious organizations, however, this is frowned upon, since vital information is lost and unrecoverable. Alternatively, administrators can set up their NT/2000 machines so that no information is overwritten. Unfortunately, this makes the administrator clear each log by hand using the Event Viewer application that ships with Windows NT/2000. Obviously, in a LAN containing hundreds or more computers, the thought of maintaining each computer's event logs by hand is appalling.

Companies around the world, including Fortune 500 companies and several branches of the United States armed forces, are discovering Event Archiver as the solution to that problem. Event Archiver runs as a Windows NT service, automatically backing up and clearing the log for the administrator at a specified time or when the log is almost full.

Event Archiver 3.0?s many great features are both the product of hard-won network administrator experience and the results of direct customer input. Chief among its features is its ability to backup and clear event logs on remote machines, without requiring a client present on each machine. From one central console on a single 89.99

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