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Hot CPU Tester Pro

An advanced stability tester, which, tests CPU, and virtually all part of motherboard units for defective parts

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Description of Hot CPU Tester Pro:

Hot CPU Tester is a system stability tester. It tests CPU, and virtually all parts of motherboard units for errors. Therefore, it can find overclocked and defected CPUs. Its the best software for testing new systems, systems with crucial tasks(servers,etc.) It also, can be used for overclockers to find out if their system is stable or not.

Main features: -Written purely to test CPU, chipset & motherboard
-Uses SSE, MMX and AMD 3DNow! instruction sets
-Tests L1 & L2 cache
-Tests System Bus, Memory Bus
-Tests chipsets along with motherboard
-Monitors CPU quality
-Tests modules are written in assembly
-Multiprocessor compatible
-Multi-threaded with high priority level
-Built-in anti-crash and error detector

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