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Parallaxis Boost-It

Welcome to Parallaxis Boost-It, the best choice for improving your Internet connection...

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Description of Parallaxis Boost-It:

Welcome to Parallaxis Boost-It, the best choice for improving your Internet connection, Internet Explorer and Windows XP operating system! With the help of this utility you can tune up your internet connection to gain its maximum performance regardless of its type. Boost-It supports dial-up modems, cable modems, ISDN, DSL, T1, T3 and other types of connections.

General features:
- Boost-It provides an easy-to-use Internet Connection Wizard to quickly optimize your Internet Connection;
- Boost-It allows you to change Internet Explorer settings to gain better performance when browsing web pages;
- Using Boost-It, you can tweak the most important settings of Windows XP, greatly enhancing performance of your operating system;
- DNS Caching speeds up DNS lookup process by caching DNS entries locally.
You can find more tweaks on our web-site.

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