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Protect your computer and information from prying eyes! Completely lock your system.

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Description of Safehold:

Ever wanted to leave your desk at work, but couldn't do so for fear of other people accessing your private data? Ever wanted to make sure that your kids do not access the computer without permission? Now there's a simple solution! Safehold by K-Labs Online is the complete personal desktop locking system. While activated, Safehold will deactivate all system keys - stopping access to the workstation - even stopping CTRL + ALT + DELETE! When a certain password is entered, full system control will be handed back to the user.

Features include:

1. Complete System locking.
2. Disabling of System keys (such as CRTL, ALT, DELETE, TAB).
3. Hidden password.
4. 'AutoLock' Technology allows Safehold to automatically lock the computer when the mouse has been inactive for a specified amount of time.

If a locked computer is reset or rebooted, it will automatically be locked when windows is loaded.

Safehold Personal Edition does not lock DOS or Safemode, but is the perfect, cost-effective way of locking your normal windows desktop!

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