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Universal Shield

Universal Shield 3.0 by Everstrike Software is an ultimate protection tool for you computer - hide files, folders, drives, set the access rules: the most flexible security combinations for your most precious data.

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Description of Universal Shield:

Universal Shield Download
Universal Shield 3.0 by Everstrike Software is an ultimate protection tool for you computer - hide files, folders, drives, set the access rules: the most flexible security combinations for your most precious data. The unique feature of Universal Shield is the perfect combination of data hiding and encrypting. This is even more important nowadays, when everybody knows that information is money and information security and protection is most important. The program has been specially designed as the most flexible security tool with a lot of settings, suitable both for home use and corporative environment. A variety of the Universal Shield features include hiding files, folders and drives on a local computer from the local users, including the administrators; setting the access rights for particular files and disks; banning deleting the specific files or adjusting the settings. Password-protect your data, program start-up or program uninstall, secure your data not only from the local users, but the network and Internet users as well. Use the hotkeys to show and hide the folders without actually running the program or run the program in the Stealth mode, so that no other users know about it. Set the trusted processes, which will are not under the protection, for example, some program can work with the hidden data, while the users are still unable to access that data. The new Universal Shield 3.0 version includes a range of new features. Data encryption is processed with the help of 9 algorithms. A variety of security tricks is available as well - you can prohibit access to folders like My Documents, Favorites, History, as well as restrict access to the Control Panel, or ban the desktop and date/time adjustment. The new version also contains a wizard, which includes an option of restricting personal folders and settings, as well as a files/folders/drives protection and hiding expert and a data encryption master. Universal Shield runs under Microsoft Windows 2000/NT/XP.

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