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Winscript Decoder

WinScript Decoder is a tool decode all files these are encode by Window Script Encoder. WinScript Decoder decode for all file these are encode by Window Script Encoder:.asp, .asa, .htm, .html, .js.. Decode one file .

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Description of Winscript Decoder:

WinScript Decoder is a tool decode all files these are encode by Window Script Encoder.
WinScript Decoder decode for all file these are encode by Window Script Encoder:.asp, .asa, .htm, .html, .js..
Decode one file .
Decode all files in a folder.

Before Decode:

<%#@~^RwEAAA==@#@&0; mDkW PVnYGkdw^lz( wEDK WbxYv-CV*@#@&dr0~rkx;V^cmVb~}DP-C^PxPrE,Y4x@#@&di MOfb/2VmX(UaEYhGkYP{~EJ@#@&i+s/n@#@&d7k6~m94sc7l Vb~@!PTRZTZF~Dtx@#@&di7mV~',!@#@&id+^d+@#@&di7r0 ,m94s`-C^#~@*,q!c!TTZFPO4x@#@&i7id-mV,'P8!@#@&di dnx9PrW@#@&dinx9Pk6@#@&diMY9kd2^lzq 2EDnGr YPx~6W.:mOgEh(+M`mVB+#@#@&7+ N~r6@#@&UN,0E ^OkKx@#@&llMAAA==^#~@%>

After Decode:

function GetDisplayInputPoint(val)
    if isnull(val) Or val = "" then
       GetDisplayInputPoint = ""
       if cdbl(val) < 0.0001 then
          val = 0
          if cdbl(val) > 10.00001 then
             val = 10
          end if
       end if
       GetDisplayInputPoint = formatNumber(val,2)
    end if
end function

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