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Winvestigator (Tropical Software) Price: $44.95
Do you wonder what your spouse, your kids, or employees are doing on the computer when you are not around? Do they hide windows as you walk by? Do you want to know exactly what is going on? If you want to know every word, every web page...
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Strong Encryption Package (Tropical Software) Price: $24.95
Strong Encryption Package is an add-on for Stealth Encryptor and Private Pix. Seven additional encryption types including AES-Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael), Mars, Blowfish 448 bits, 3DES, Twofish, Serpent, Skipjack.
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Private Pix (Tropical Software) Price: $39.95
Private Pix utilizes new technologies to keep your pictures and movies safe while keeping them password protected and encrypted. Advanced security features include name scrambling and variable key length.
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P.C. Police 2004 (Roumen Petrov) Price: $29.99
P.C. Police elegantly tracks all keyboard, Internet and Windows folder access activities on your computer.
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Aye Parental Control 2.50 (Aye Software) Price: $39.95
Aye Parental Control helps parents restrict the time that children spend on computer and Internet.
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Auto Keylogger (Ikitek) Price: $0
Auto Keylogger records everything that is entered from the keyboard, to an encrypted file. Documents, e-mails, chat conversations, typed URL addresses, passwords, Internet forms, etc will be recorded neatly.
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Tray Safe 4.0 (F-Group Software) Price: $19.95
Tray Safe - the safest place to keep your passwords, user names, credit card numbers and other confidential information. This software provides powerful encryption, fast access and absolute security for your most valuable data.
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TZ Shredder ( Price: $15
When you delete a file from Windows it just mark the file as deleted in file allocation table, but the data of the file is still on your hard disk, Windows does not physically remove deleted files from your hard disk.
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Secure Password Manager 2.10 (SecureKit) Price: $28.95
Secure Password Manager is a desktop utility that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords, and other personal data manually. You can automatically fill in password in ANY application (IE, Netscape, Opera, ICQ, MSN...) .
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AntiSpy Pro Upgrade (DevelopEx) Price: $10
After upgrade of your AntiSpy software to AntiSpy Pro you will get version which gives you more control over cleaning process. Additional Pro features: Free Space Elimination Scan disk for files. Plug-ins support.
AntiSpy Pro Upgrade Download Buy Full Version

iSpy Killer 2.1 (eSunSoft Technologies) Price: $49.97
If you lie awake at night fretting about personal privacy and your computer, consider this: The biggest threat may not be the government or the operator of the Web site you visited late last night, but your business partner, your boss...
iSpy Killer Download Buy Full Version

Secura Archiver 1.7 (Perception) Price: $99.95
Secura Archiver is professional archiving software for use in personal or commercial environments that demand 128 bit data encryption to meet and exceed today's security standards.
Secura Archiver Download Buy Full Version

PC Activity Monitor Lite 7.3 (Raytown Corporation LLC) Price: $29.95
PC Activity Monitor Lite™ (PC Acme Lite™) is designed for monitoring user's PC activity. PC Acme Lite™ works under Windows 2000/XP operating systems.
PC Activity Monitor Lite Download Buy Full Version

Invisible Secrets Promo (Neobyte Solutions) Price: $19.95
Invisible Secrets 4 not only encrypts your data and files for safe keeping or for secure transfer across the net, it also hides them in places that on the surface appear totally innocent, such as picture or sound files, or web pages.
Invisible Secrets Promo Download Buy Full Version

Leviathan PC Firewall 1.0.0 (Heavy Code Industries) Price: $24.95
The Leviathan PC Firewall is an application which will prevent hackers from accessing your computer, it will monitor and log activity on certain ports (which can be customized) and has other features including Keep Alive to maintain your connection.
Leviathan PC Firewall Download Buy Full Version

Express File Encrypter 1.01 ( Price: $9.98
Express File Encrypter is an encryption utility which can encrypt your personal file into an encoded format (E File) to protect your personal data from unwanted viewers. It is very easy to use, only a few clicks are needed to encrypt a file .
Express File Encrypter Download Buy Full Version

SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition (Spytech Software) Price: $49.95
Ever want to monitor your home PC from work? Want to monitor PC's across your corporate network from your web-browser? Do you want the ability to remote control, administrate...
SpyAnywhere Stealth Edition Download Buy Full Version

Outlook Password Recovery 1.2 (Intelore) Price: $29.95
Outlook Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Outlook XP/2000/98/97 password-protected Personal Storage files (*.pst). All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length.
Outlook Password Recovery Download Buy Full Version

Project Password Recovery 1.0g (Intelore) Price: $29.95
Project Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Project 2002/2000/98/95 password-protected documents (*.mpp) and templates (*.mpt). All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length.
Project Password Recovery Download Buy Full Version

Internet Explorer Password Revealer (Rixler Software) Price: $24.95
Easy Internet Explorer password management. Quick password recovery for lost and forgotten passwords. If you use Internet, chances are you have over a dozen logins and passwords.
Internet Explorer Password Revealer Download Buy Full Version

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