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Desktop Scout 4.0 (GlobalPatrol) Price: $49
Remotely monitor everything your spouse, kids and employees do on your PC's while you are not there.
Desktop Scout Download Buy Full Version

Sub-Secure 1.0 Voice Recognition (Sub Seven Software) Price: $15.95
Sub-Secure 1.0 will lock down your Windows desktop with maximum security measures until the user-defined password is typed into the login window.
Sub-Secure 1.0 Voice Recognition Download Buy Full Version

BuryBury (Paul Gerhart) Price: $18.88
Hide & Encrypt Personal Files from Prying Eyes. This gem is less than 20 bucks!
BuryBury Download Buy Full Version

SPY (Dustin Fast) Price: $20
SPY on whats going on at your computer with a Screen Capture tool, Keylogger, Programs OpenedClosed monitor, etc...
SPY Download Buy Full Version

System Monitor Detector (Dustin Fast) Price: $20
Anti spyware program detects Keyloggers and other such applications running on your computer.
System Monitor Detector Download Buy Full Version

CryptoFish (Jan Dolinay) Price: $12
CryptoFish is encryption utility that you can use to encrypt/decrypt files and folders to protect them from unauthorized use. CryptoFish uses a 448 bit Blowfish algorithm.
CryptoFish Download Buy Full Version

DOchrana (Jan Dolinay) Price: $5
Utility that protects your system by hiding the Cancel button from log-in dialog.
DOchrana Download Buy Full Version

XP-Protector 1.1 (Jan Dolinay) Price: $20.9
A security tool for managing Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems.
XP-Protector Download Buy Full Version

Ecrypt () Price: $29.99
Simple easy to use file encryption.
Ecrypt Download Buy Full Version

VirtualStream Library (StreamWare Development) Price: $290
Compress, encrypt, hash, and automate routine operations.
VirtualStream Library Download Buy Full Version

Informer (TalyaSoft) Price: $35
Log your computer activity.
Informer Download Buy Full Version

BackYard (TalyaSoft) Price: $35
Hide and protect your personal files, folders and links.
BackYard Download Buy Full Version

SafeStore (TalyaSoft) Price: $19
Encrypt and store your passwords, web accounts and information.
SafeStore Download Buy Full Version

XP_CRYPTO ( Price: $59
Contains MS SQL Server 7.0(Intel platform) extended stored procedures for hashing, encrypting and decrypting.
XP_CRYPTO Download Buy Full Version

Password manager 1.32 (Lyu shuzhi) Price: $9.5
Store all your passwords in one file.
Password manager Download Buy Full Version

Paragon Encrypted Disk 3.0 (Paragon Technologie GmbH) Price: $29.95
Protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access.
Paragon Encrypted Disk Download Buy Full Version

Paragon Disk Wiper Professional (Paragon Technologie GmbH) Price: $149.95
Paragon Disk Wiper allows safe recycling of hard disks. Disk Wiper erases data on your hard disk - so you can feel certain that all personal information is eliminated. Professional version of Paragon Disk Wiper is intended for use by IT specialists in var
Paragon Disk Wiper Professional Download Buy Full Version

Paragon Disk Wiper Personal 7.0 (Paragon Technologie GmbH) Price: $24.95
The best utility you need to securely erase your traces on computer.
Paragon Disk Wiper Personal Download Buy Full Version

OnlyMe (Tranzoa, Co.) Price: $9.95
OnlyMe automatically locks your PalmOS device whenever the device is turned off.
OnlyMe Download Buy Full Version

Advanced CheckSum Verifier 1.5.0 (Irnis Haliullin) Price: $14.95
An advanced SFV and MD5 checksum calculation utility for Windows
Advanced CheckSum Verifier Download Buy Full Version

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