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ShadowOnlineSecurityScaner (MelcoSoft Company) Price: $99.99
ShadowOnlineSecurityScaner Download Buy Full Version

Privacy Guard 1.2 (MazePath Software) Price: $24
Browsers leave a complete history of everywhere you have surfed for the last days, weeks, and even months. Snoop Stopper can eliminate all this, and much more!
Privacy Guard Download Buy Full Version

File Shredder (MazePath Software) Price: $24
Windows DOES NOT remove files you delete! They can be EASILY retrieved -- until File Shredder!
File Shredder Download Buy Full Version

eVeil Personal Security (Scarlett Technology Group, Inc.) Price: $9.95
A personal security product which hides your desktop from prying eyes.
eVeil Personal Security Download Buy Full Version

Codename Alvin - PC Super Spy Software (The Coding Workshop Limited) Price: $19.95
PC monitoring software. Monitor Web activity, keyboard and application usage.
Codename Alvin - PC Super Spy Software Download Buy Full Version

PrivateInfo (Raysion Software Co., Ltd.) Price: $39.95
This utility make your information invisible for Windows.
PrivateInfo Download Buy Full Version

KeyGuard 2.3c (Raysion Software Co., Ltd.) Price: $24.95
KeyGuard is the best place to keep and manage all kind of passwords.
KeyGuard Download Buy Full Version

PestPatrol (Home user license) (PestPatrol, Inc.) Price: $39.95
PestPatrol is a powerful security and personal privacy tool that detects and eliminates destructive pests like trojans, spyware, adware and hacker tools.
PestPatrol (Home user license) Download Buy Full Version

PestPatrol (Corporate 5 User License) (PestPatrol, Inc.) Price: $127.5
PestPatrol is a powerful security and personal privacy tool that detects and eliminates destructive pests like trojans, spyware, adware and hacker tools.
PestPatrol (Corporate 5 User License) Download Buy Full Version

XORcrypt (Highedge LLC) Price: $9
Utility for reliably encrypting/decrypting of email and any files with the help of a LONG key file and bitwise operation
XORcrypt Download Buy Full Version

Advanced wordlist 1.0 (ZipCure Ltd.) Price: $10
Advanced wordlist is a huge set of words in a text file - one word per line.
Advanced wordlist Download Buy Full Version

X-Agent (ZipCure Ltd.) Price: $9.95
An utility that keep your data confidential
X-Agent Download Buy Full Version

IIPwr Package ( Price: $34.95
Professional surveillance software that lets you spy on computers you don't have direct access to. Monitors and records activities (such as keystrokes, active applications, passwords, websites, emails, chats, etc.) then sends the data to your email.
IIPwr Package Download Buy Full Version

Sentry Professional (Fresh Software) Price: $20
Lock down your computer when you're away with this flexible and handy program.
Sentry Professional Download Buy Full Version

Hide-It (POPESCU) Price: $24
Hide it will allow you to hide (and extract) any data file inside an image file (BMP, TIFF, PNG or PCX)
Hide-It Download Buy Full Version

Data Locker (Turner Tek) Price: $10
Data Locker is a file security program for any file type. Data Locker makes any program(files) you choose inaccessable to anyone else except those with your password
Data Locker Download Buy Full Version

Asgard Security Toolkit (Homewerx) Price: $40
An advanced set of security and encryption utilities
Asgard Security Toolkit Download Buy Full Version

Byte Blast (Homewerx) Price: $20
A multi function encryption / decryption tool
Byte Blast Download Buy Full Version

Byte Blast Pro (Homewerx) Price: $20
Protect your personal files and data rapidly with this advanced suite of tools.
Byte Blast Pro Download Buy Full Version

SureLock (L Ware) Price: $29.95
Easy to use encryption program for files, email and text. Flexible, powerful.
SureLock Download Buy Full Version

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