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EASEUS Data Security Wizard (CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd) Price: $19.95
Data Security Wizard is an easy to use data security program, which is able to encrypt your personal files and sensitive data quickly, easily and securely.
EASEUS Data Security Wizard Download Buy Full Version

Invisible IP Map (AVSoftware) Price: $34.95
This is a Mask IP software which is used to change your real Internet address while browsing. The software will deliver you fresh anonymous proxy servers every time you decide to click on "Get IP Locations".
Invisible IP Map Download Buy Full Version

HD Shield (Anuwa Techee Inc.) Price: $59.95
HD Shield is the most powerful recovery tool.
HD Shield Download Buy Full Version

PressHide ( Price: $19.95
PressHide is a distinguished Boss Key software,which is genuinely based on the Virtual Desktop techniques. PressHide is so easy-to-use that you can keep your privacy on screen without any pre-config.
PressHide Download Buy Full Version

Folder Encrypt Expert (LastFish) Price: $19.95
Sometimes you don't want your private folder appeared to someone else.Like in a family,you may have something embarrass files which are not so good to show to your child.
Folder Encrypt Expert Download Buy Full Version

Secure Disk (Rial International Business Corp.) Price: $95
Powerful encryption software with pre-boot authentication secures 100% of your hard disk drive, including the OS. Secure Disk provides the ultimate security standard for encryption at the physical sector level.
Secure Disk Download Buy Full Version

Genie Eyes Only (Genie-Soft) Price: $39.95
Genie Eyes-Only is a professional easy-to-use security software that safeguards valuable data and prevents unauthorized access to confidential information using multiple levels of the thoroughly-tested Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that is used b...
Genie Eyes Only Download Buy Full Version

RecentCleaner (AKS-Labs) Price: $30
RecentCleaner is a personal privacy tool designed to clear recent files lists of various programs.
RecentCleaner Download Buy Full Version

Secret PhotoAgent Andy 007 ( Price: $22.5
You've decided to send one or more amateur photographs to your boyfriend/girlfriend, but you really wouldn't want anyone else to see those pictures. Maybe those are photos of private content, who knows...
Secret PhotoAgent Andy 007 Download Buy Full Version

StrongDisk Pro Basic *64bit (PTS) Price: $88
Overview: StrongDisk Pro Basic for Microsoft Windows 2000 professional/XP/Vista 64-bit Edition is a powerful data encryption tool.
StrongDisk Pro Basic *64bit Download Buy Full Version

StrongDisk Pro (PTS) Price: $92
Overview: StrongDisk Pro Standard for Microsoft Windows 2000 professional/XP/Vista 64-bit Edition is a powerful data encryption tool.
StrongDisk Pro Download Buy Full Version

Securifier (Jimmy Plenderleith) Price: $79
Securifier uses a stealth technology to hide files and folders even from the Operating System! Nobody can view your securified files and folders except you. You choose a special pasword and select the data you want to make invisible.
Securifier Download Buy Full Version

Password Generator PPC (Golovko) Price: $12
Password Generator PPC allows to generate secure passwords. Windows Mobile based program can make alphanumeric and/or alphabetic characters password. Program can use special characters. Password Generator PPC can generate random numbers only.
Password Generator PPC Download Buy Full Version

Adware Killer (greenray) Price: $25.95
Free Spyware and Adware Detection & Removal Software. Provides a real-time protection solution against spyware & adware.
Adware Killer Download Buy Full Version

FileNumen Express (Changsha Mayasoft Corporation) Price: $19.95
a reliable folder lock,easily and safely to hide or encrypt your files/folders.
FileNumen Express Download Buy Full Version

PackPal Folder Locker (PackPal) Price: $24.95
PackPal Folder Locker is a password protected software which can encrypt your files, folders, pictures, drives, and documents in seconds.
PackPal Folder Locker Download Buy Full Version

FileNumen Professional (Changsha Mayasoft Corporation) Price: $24.95
Easily and safely to encrypt and decrypt your files/forders.It also can hide encrypted files from your kids, friends and co-workers, and safeguards them from mis-deleted by other users.
FileNumen Professional Download Buy Full Version

SecretDrive (Eterlogic) Price: $24.99
SecretDrive is a small, efficient and reliable program that allows you to create up to 8 encrypted virtual disks.
SecretDrive Download Buy Full Version

Firefox Password Recovery Master (Rixler Software) Price: $19.95
Firefox Password Recovery Master presents itself as a handy tool enabling you to restore any cached passwords for such popular web browsers as Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox.
Firefox Password Recovery Master Download Buy Full Version

Opera Password Recovery Master (Rixler Software) Price: $19.95
Opera Password Recovery Master is a great tool for any user of Opera. It'll instantly recover a password to protected web sites and mail accounts stored by Opera. The program will recover only those passwords that have been cashed by Opera.
Opera Password Recovery Master Download Buy Full Version

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