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Description of WinGuardian:

WinGuardian is a useful Windows monitoring utility and filtering alternative for parents, schools, and other organizations. This helpful tool runs completely hidden and monitors almost everything a user does on your computer. WinGuardian can keep track of what programs a user runs, log any text that is typed into a program, log all web sites that are visited, and even capture screenshots at various specified intervals. You can review the logs and detect if a user is running inappropriate programs such as games or visiting web sites that your organization considers offensive. There is also an option to have WinGuardian display an acceptable use policy (AUP) on the computer screen. A user must read the AUP and then click on the AGREE button before he or she is allowed to access the Internet. If users know that their actions are being monitored, they will be deterred from using inappropriate programs or viewing inappropriate web pages. WinGuardian also gives you the option to "lock down" the Windows 95/98 environment so that users can only run programs that you authorize. Users will not be able to modify system settings (like the Windows background wallpaper) or run unauthorized software. This is useful in helping to prevent viruses and intentional or unintentional operating system changes. An additional feature of WinGuardian allows the system administrator to email out the log files to a specific email address.

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