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xSeat 2.1

Point and click solution for availability monitoring,alerting and management of distributed remote servers via any Web or Wireless browser.

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Description of xSeat 2.1:

"xSeat is a web and wireless browser based remote server management tool that provides point and click solution for availability monitoring,alerting and management of remote servers. It's proactive monitoring capabilities help system administrators increase server availability and performance by eliminating server failure before they become critical. xSeat provides system administrators the ability to access and manage their enterprise systems (Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP,Unix and Solaris) from a wide array of wireless handheld devices such as PalmOS, PocketPC, RIM, and WAP-enabled phones "xSeat’s capabilities include the ability to shutdown and reboot servers, manage process and services, HTTP,IMAP and POP3 parallel protocol monitoring, System CPU/Memory load management, Query server information from OS version to IP configuration. Ping, Trace route or even do a SNMP walk etc. Further more industry standard SSL/WTLS encryption offers a complete secure wroking enviroment.

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