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Description of Agile HTML Editor:

Known as the "right-click editor" for its easy HTML tag configuration, Agile HTML Editor uses a different approach to most authoring packages. With in-depth understanding of nine different HTML variants, official HTML references and a carefully crafted user interface, Agile HTML Editor makes it easy to create state-of-the art web sites, while keeping authors in complete control of their HTML. Agile is a professional level web authoring package featuring HTML syntax coloring, unlimited file size, search and replace, multi-level undo/redo and so on. First released in 1996 Agile runs on every version of Windows including Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows 2000 right back to Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and NT 3.51. Includes complete context help on HTML tags and attributes. AWARDS: FileMine: top choice in head to head review of HTML Editors TuCows: maximum 5 "cow" rating ("It's just plain outstanding software.") 5 Star Shareware: maximum five star rating ShareWare Junkies: maximum marks in all 5 rating categories USER COMMENTS: "Agile is the BEST HTML editor around." - Gary Kerkin, NZ. "By the way, I really like this product. It works just the way it ought to. Every time I think of a feature I'd like, I discover it's already there, just where I'd look for it." - Scott Pendleton, Oklahoma, USA. "Agile from Compware is the best professional HTML editor on the market today. Further, its author is committed to continuous improvement. He readily accepts suggestions for improvement and incorporates them." - Paul de Freitas, Antigua.

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