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JavaScript Encoder

A website security tool that stops e-mail spiders and mass downloaders.

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Description of JavaScript Encoder:

Javascript Encoder will encode your HTML pages with javascript, which will cover up your source code. This can save you a lot of money on server usage, advertising, and general popularity. Your server will not loose resources to programs like PaqRat, Offline Explorer, and Black Widow. These programs scan for and download links, images, and other files in your pages without viewing your advertisements. Programs called "e-mail spiders" run around the internet collecting e-mail addresses from web pages. The people who use these programs are the ones who send you all that junk mail. They will not find your e-mail address in your web pages, but your visitors will not even notice anything has changed about the pages. Because the pages are encoded, Internet Explorer cannot show the user the real source code. Therefore, you are provided with a level of source code protection since so many people use Internet Explorer or a front end based on it. Note You agree that in the event that your serial number is made available to anyone other than the buyer of the serial number, it may be blocked. All copies of JavaScript Encoder registered though this number will stop working and require another serial. No refunds will be issued.

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