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Market Intelligence Master 10 user

Marketing Intelligence Master Version 2.

Market Intelligence Master 10 user Download

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Description of Market Intelligence Master 10 user:

Marketing Intelligence Master Version 2.2

"Business to Consumer Edition"

"The E-ssential Resource For Your E-Business Needs"


*Country tax codes allow you to sell and manage product sales information to any Country in the world!
*Build websites without any programming or Html knowledge
*Fully SSL compatible
*HTML e-mail customer marketing campaigns
*Supports paypal payment gateways
*Fully Customizable layout
Features "Top 10" most popular products to customers purchasing in your store


E-store builder - allows you to easily upload products, set prices, and customize the look and feel of your online product catalog.
*Discount Management- set discounts for items and cancel whenever the discount ends.
*Shipping - define shipping rates for the items that are sold in your E-Store.
*E-mail campaigns-send html letter to your customers
*Customer Management Tracking - track customer purchases
*User-friendly shopping cart and secure credit card processing (via Paypal)
*Tools to design, manage, and promote your business
*Accept credit card payments easily and securely
*Keep detailed billing records for your business
*Secure processing of products
*Target markets based on purchasing behavior

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