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AudioJack Price: $39.99
AudioJack is a versatile tool to obtain your favorite music from the internet in a legal manner.
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5star freeTunes Price: $17.9
Do you have DRM Copy-Protected files lying around that just won't play on your MP3 player? With 5star freeTunes you can legally copy all your DRM protected music, audio books, podcasts and video clips by parallel playback from WMA, WMV, M4P, AAC...
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GameJack Price: $39.9
Copies and/or emulates all major game copy protection methods, plus it does cope with the more tricky ones, such as VOB Protect CD, StarForce 1 & 2, the latest SafeDisc and Securom! Copies single-layer DVD's...
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Click'n Keep Price: $29.9
The ultimate E-mail backup software! Protect your e-mail before it's too late! Click and Keep" is the solution! With just a few clicks your backup is ready.
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GameJack Price: $24.9
GameJack 4 is the latest version that supports also Windows 98/ME. If you use Windows 2000 or XP, we recommend using GameJack 5:
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SimDisc Price: $39.99
SimDisc copies the whole content of a CD or DVD to your hard disk, creating a so-called virtual CD or DVD respectively. During creation of the virtual disc, SimDisc uses the full set of features available for the particular reading device.
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BatchDisc Price: $39.9
For those who still long for the simpler days of command line prompts under DOS, our CD and DVD recording software software can be fully controlled under DOS with a full range of command line options.
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SimDisc Server Edition Price: $399
SimDisc - Real virtual drive...
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DiscSafe Price: $39.99
DiscSafe will be your trustworthy partner for backup to CD, DVD, hard disc, an image or a compressed file as well as the creation of periodically reoccurring processes.
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Photomizer Price: $59.99
Photomizer - Image editing of the next generation! Photomizer is the perfect completion to your digital camera, be it expensive or low-priced. Photomizer is the fully automatic photo studio for the trouser pocket.
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MovieJack Price: $39.99
MovieJack rips the entire contents of a PAL or NTSC-DVD including sound track (Dolby Surround or stereo) and absolutely fast *** The TV standard is set automatically, so that you do not need to select PAL or NTSC manually.
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MovieJack DVD Price: $29.9
MovieJack DVD 2 copies DVD-Videos 1:1 to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R und DVD+RW. It's possible to copy individual titles of a DVD selectively to DVD or hard disk.
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MovieJack Mobile Price: $39.9
Watch your movies anytime, anywhere. This product is the all-in-one solution for your mobile device. It supports the Sony Playstation Portable, Pocket-PCs, Gizmondo, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced, iRiver devices or 3GP compatible mobile phones.
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CDRWIN Price: $29.9
CDRWIN 6, that's easy recording your CDs and DVDs. It doesn't matter if you want to record a new disc, make a 1:1 copy (even of Video-DVDs) or if you want to burn cuesheets - CDRWIN 6 will handle this with only a few clicks.
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