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Bonk Price: $5
You have accepted the job as a swamp-creature hunter and your task is to stop the green creatures from escaping from the swamp. This is done by bonking them with your stylus when they appear in one of the 20 escape routes.
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PocketXV Price: $5
Twelve cards are dealt. All of these are ready to be discarded. Your mission is to discard cards to make room for new cards from the deck. The main goal is to discard all 52 cards in the deck.
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PocketPyramid Price: $5
Select cards, in pairs, that sum up to 13. This will make the two selected cards dissapear (of course kings are selected as a single card). When you are done, i.e.
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Rubix Matrix Price: $5
Rubix Matrix is a bit like the well known puzzle Rubik's cube. However, the differences outnumber the similarities. The board is a matrix with six rows and six columns.
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PocketCircuit Price: $6
The object of this game is to remove all components from a circuit board by short circuiting matching components before time runs out. There will be a circuit between two components if there are no other components in the path between the two.
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4inRow Price: $5
This game is also known as Connect4 or Tic-Tac-Drop. The goal is to get four markers in a row - horizontally, vertically or diagonally - and to beat the computer. You can also play against another human.
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WinDoKu Price: $6
WinDoKu is a challenging puzzle game which originates from Japan (with the name Sudoku).
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Kakuro Price: $6
Hot on the heels of Sudoku comes Kakuro. You can think of this game as a mathematical equivalent to crossword puzzles. A Kakuro consists of a playing area made up of filled and empty cells, much like a crossword puzzle.
Kakuro Download Buy Full Version

SlitherLink Price: $5
SlitherLink is a game that is a little bit like MineSweeper and a little bit like Sudoku. Now you can enjoy this game on your PocketPC anytime and anywhere. The board consists of a number of cells. Each cell is surrounded by four dots.
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Hitori Price: $5
Hitori is a game that reminds a little bit about Sudoku and the other Sudoku-like games originating from Japan, now you can enjoy it on your PocketPC anywhere and anytime.
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PuzzlePack Price: $14
Japanese Puzzle Bonanza After the success of the Jobro Software games SuDoKu, Kakuro, SlitherLink and Hitori we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase all of these PocketPC games with a great discount.
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MorseMaster Price: $6
The most basic use of MorseMaster is to type some text and press Play to let the PocketPC-device send the text as Morse code in your speakers or your head phones.
MorseMaster Download Buy Full Version

FileUtils PPC Price: $5
FileUtils PPC is a Swiss Army Knife when it comes to file manipulation on your PocketPC. This multi-tool includes a number of utilities that are very useful when working with files.
FileUtils PPC Download Buy Full Version

WinBit Price: $12
Ever felt the need to analyze a file on a bit level? Then WinBit is the tool for you.
WinBit Download Buy Full Version

ZipIt Price: $5
Zipit is a utility to open, extract, create and edit (add and delete entries) zip-files. ZipIt can also open and extract archives created by gzip, bzip2 and/or tar. The combinations of these are also supported, e.g. gzipped tar-files.
ZipIt Download Buy Full Version

Giraffe Price: $20
Giraffe is a powerful, but still very easy to use, monitoring tool for the .NET Framework. Giraffe can monitor nodes (computers), processes, directories, files and Web (sites or pages).
Giraffe Download Buy Full Version

PwdMaster Price: $5
PwdMaster is a utility that enables you to forget all passwords and codes except one, the password to login to PwdMaster. If you remember this, PwdMaster will remember all other passwords for you.
PwdMaster Download Buy Full Version

NetSend.NET CommandLine Price: $8
NetSend.NET CommandLine is an advanced command line interface for the net send command available in Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
NetSend.NET CommandLine Download Buy Full Version

ProcessWatcher.NET Price: $14
ProcessWatcher.NET is a program that monitors the resources (memory, handles, CPU-time, etc.) allocated to the processes running on your computer.
ProcessWatcher.NET Download Buy Full Version

RegEdit.NET Price: $5
RegEdit.NET is an advanced tool for changing settings in your PocketPC registry, which contains information about how your device runs. With RegEdit.
RegEdit.NET Download Buy Full Version

ImageViewer Price: $5
ImageViewer is a nice tool to view images stored on your device. There are multiple scanning functions to automatically search for images. Changing images is easy, just press a button to move one step forward or backward in the list of images.
ImageViewer Download Buy Full Version

dotBug PPE Price: $10
dotBug PPE (Personal Pocket Edition) is a utility mainly for keeping track of bugs and enhancements in software, but only your imagination sets the limits for how dotBug PPE can be used.
dotBug PPE Download Buy Full Version

GamePack Price: $18
Jobro Software is happy to give you the opportunity to purchase six popular games with a great discount.
GamePack Download Buy Full Version

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