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Third Time Lucky Price: $5
It is 1875, Utah, Curly Boyd is a drifter! A young man who lives life on the edge! Having taken part in a Bank Raid with two vicious outlaws and then having to leave a town accused of cheating at cards he meets up with Sarah, an older widow woman.
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Power Punch Price: $5
When her husband is mistakenly killed by an assassin Sara Power determines to find him. She and her friend Danni leave the School of Self Defence that they run on the North Norfolk coast and follow his trail to Africa.
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No Choice Price: $5.25
The Suhlinar, as it is called lay snugly on the purple velvet cloth under a transparent protective dome, approximately 300mm high and with a diameter of 225mm. The dome rested on a pillar 1.5m from the ground.
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Hard Roads and Rainbows Price: $7.25
1963. Lounging in a bed-sit in Earls Court; thumbing through a book called Existentialism. Interesting: must be some highly educated and deep thinking scholars involved in this stuff.
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Deep Scar Price: $6.75
Michael James has been hurt and scarred deeply in a childhood assault. The story follows his development as he joins the Army and is sent to Ireland in the 1960’s.
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The Blackmailer Price: $5
Features the exciting cases of J.K Sampson – a fictional trial lawyer who goes the extra mile for justice. Working out of Lagos, Nigeria, Sampson uses remarkable investigative skills and mastery of court room advocacy to solve murder mysteries.
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The Last Cottage Price: $6.75
Carrie, a young novelist living in London, has writer’s block. Her publisher offers her the use of a cottage on the East Coast that he shares with his partner as a retreat to unblock.
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NO ESCAPE Price: $6.95
Lucas Newman, a developing artist finds that he has the psychic talent to contact people who are dead. He falls in love with a young girl whose mother was found drowned on the beach.
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Two Into One Price: $6.75
A story of a state of mind and how a woman, Claire Mason deals with it. Jess Domingo, a U.S. Government hit man meets and falls in love with her in Rome. Quitting his contact he finds that a hit man is on his trail to close his mouth forever.
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Higher Than Sky Price: $7.25
An eleven year gap and two rock superstars meet again, planning to gig once again before rigor mortis sets in.
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Dee & Dee Postscript Price: $2.15
Adventures in the make believe world of re-invention.
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