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InTrek Lite Price: $100
Utilizing barcode technology, InTrek Lite gives businesses a simple and inexpensive way to track the quantity, description, location and history of assets. In addition, InTrek Lite allows you to manage location and contact information.
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InTrek Lite General Price: $100
InTrek is an essential tool for any business trying to manage asset, location and contact information on a limited budget.
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InTrek Ultra Price: $200
Utilizing the frame of InTrek Premium, Ultra takes asset management to a new level. Track the quantity, description, location and history of assets; as well as its supporting documentation (i.e. Word document, spreadsheets, images, etc.
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CyQuest 2008 Price: $125
CyQuest allows the user to create, store and track notes and create and store attachments related to a particular client. Attachment information is stored in the database and can be viewed or retrieved at anytime.
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Badge Maker CLient 2008 Price: $20
Generate and manage your own company identification badges. Save the identification to a word document, PDF, and print later. With Badge Maker Client 2008 you can: 1. Save company information 2. Save employee information into a database 3.
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Lodge Tracker Price: $100
Lodge Tracker is a great application for masonic lodges to keep track of: Members, Officers (Current and Previous Years), Lodge Assets (fixtures, chairs, etc.), membership dues, Notes and Documentation.
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MVP Price: $75
MVP is an essential tool for any organization trying to manage volunteers/members, event scheduling, contributions and supporting information on a limited budget.
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XFileClean Delux Price: $15
One of the leading causes of system crashes, speed and performance issues can be attributed to excessive temporary files and unwanted trash left onto the hard drive by windows and other applications.
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XDataExtract Price: $25
XdataExtract is a fully functional XML tool that allows Database administrator, programmers, and computer users to upload xml data in to a Microsoft SQL server database effortlessly.
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XTimeCard Price: $20
XTimeCard is perfect for managing timesheets and overtime for small businesses that currently do not have an accounting program. XTimeCard allows the user to: Enter and edit employee information. Enter and edit overtime and timesheet information.
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Volunteer Suite Lite General Price: $200
By bundling InTrek Lite and MVP together so you can manage asset, location, contact, events, contributions and volunteer information on a limited budget.
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