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3D Yahtzee Unlimited Price: $10.95
Invoke Lady Luck and roll the dice in this exciting 3D Yahtzee game, a new version of this classical game, probably originating from China.
3D Yahtzee Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D Classic Card Games Unlimited Price: $6.95
To this day, those little carton cards providing hours of recreational creativity are still enticing and arousing more and more followers. This program includes whist, seven up, war, crazy eights with up to three variations for each one.
3D Classic Card Games Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D Belote Unlimited Price: $6.95
A popular 32-card game played in France since the turn of the 20th century; the Belote has many followers all over the world and ranks among the most played card game. The Classic is a 32 set of cards played out to 4 players parted in 2 teams.
3D Belote Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D Word Slider Price: $9.95
A full 3D attractive and colorful word puzzle game in three languages: French, English and Spanish with 180 levels of game with element of strategy and optional sound effects and music.
3D Word Slider Download Buy Full Version

3D Buggy Tug Price: $10.95
A game of strategy that looks easy at first sight but that will fascinate you. In fact, Buggy Tug is a GREAT puzzle even though one can, while playing according to rules, use some explosives when neurons begin to heat under the effect of adrenaline.
3D Buggy Tug Download Buy Full Version

Dogs & Lights Price: $12.95
The dog is men's best friend and street lamps are the best friends of the well behaved dogs in this cruel world of the sidewalk where too often: + a good dog is a dead dog ;.
Dogs & Lights Download Buy Full Version

3D Cubes Unlimited Price: $9.95
A unique game of thought in 3 dimensions requiring you to form the words presented on the board by using the lettered cubes. It is up to you to learn to correctly position the cubes.
3D Cubes Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D Shangai Mahjong Unlimited Price: $9.95
A challenging game of solitaire where the goal is to eliminate all components by matching together the similar components found at the edges of the various levels of the pyramid.
3D Shangai Mahjong Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

Zan Price: $6.95
The principle of this puzzle game is very easy to understand. Using the mouse, you must clean the screen of all Zanitos so that your name none remains about it.
Zan Download Buy Full Version

Sudoku Banzai Price: $8
Sudoku is a logic-based number placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9? grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3? boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9 only one time each.
Sudoku Banzai Download Buy Full Version

H2o Remix Price: $4.95
In H2O Remix by TLK Games, you must guide water drops through different settings and sceneries.
H2o Remix Download Buy Full Version

3DRT PingPong Price: $10.95
An intuitive and complete simulation of the game of Table Tennis on PC. The game uses the official rules of the Table Tennis from July 2001 and permits to play against the computer at various levels of game or against another player on the same computer.
3DRT PingPong Download Buy Full Version

3D Checkers Unlimited Price: $12.95
The Checkers or Draught games as they are known respectively in the US and in Great Britain were invented during the 17th century by a French soldier.
3D Checkers Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D Reversi Unlimited Price: $12.95
Reversi is a two century old reflection game with very simple rules: players play in turn and put down one marker piece on the board. Any adversary piece caught between two pieces is reversed to take the color of the players and belongs to him.
3D Reversi Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D Chinese Checkers Unlimited Price: $12.95
Created in 1930, this play of strategy of displacement is played in China, where it is known as Tiao-qui, as in most countries of the world, on a star shaped board with 121 positions and balls of several colors.
3D Chinese Checkers Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D The Mill Unlimited Price: $10.95
The Mill is one of the oldest spatial strategy games in the world since traces were found in Egypt 1400 years B.C.
3D The Mill Unlimited Download Buy Full Version

3D Mesh Blacksmith Price: $19.95
3D Mesh Blacksmith the 3D modeler for all that brings you high functionnalities to develop levels for games, or designed 3D objects with simplicity of an own designed interface, and the robutness of high level functions.
3D Mesh Blacksmith Download Buy Full Version

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