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Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Discover how to change your inner attitude, and stop allowing feelings, thoughts and external influences affect your moods and states of mind.

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Description of Peace of Mind in Daily Life:

Discover how to change your inner attitude, and stop allowing feelings, thoughts and external influences affect your moods and states of mind. Working techniques, advice, exercises and meditations to help you gain inner peace and freedom from anxiety, stress and worries. Discover how to calm down the endless chatter of the mind, worries and negative thoughts, and gain inner peace, inner strength and happiness. Here are some of the subjects covered in this ebook: - How to calm down the constant chatter of your mind. - Gaining the ability to accept or reject at will, the thoughts that try to enter your mind. - How to get rid of futile, useless and negative thoughts. - How to overcome anxieties and worries. - How positive thinking affects your mind and attitude. - The importance and affect of inner peace. - The importance of emotional and mental detachment and how to develop it. - Staying calm, undisturbed and collected in trying and difficult situations. - Learning to relax. - Learning not to be affected and disturbed by what people think, say or do. - Attaining happiness. - Gaining inner strength and power. - Strengthening the power of your concentration. - Gain mental mastery. - Meditation techniques for peace of mind. - Manifesting peace of mind, happiness and inner strength in your everyday life. - The importance of peace of mind for spiritual growth and awakening the spirit within. This ebook contains full guidance, advice, instructions, exercises and meditations for attaining true peace of mind and freedom from anxieties, worries, fears and negative and futile thinking. Actually, this ebook is more than an ebook. It is a complete home course and workshop, which guides all the way, from restless thinking and lack of inner peace to the heights of peace of mind, mental mastery and inner strength. This ebook contains 200 pages of practical information. Practicing and implementing the advice in this book, even for just a few minutes a day, can39.90

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