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Book Collector Standard

Book organizer, gets all book data from various sites on the internet

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Description of Book Collector Standard:

Book Collector is a program for organizing your personal collection of books, magazines, etc... You can use it to create a file with detailed information about your book collection, retrieving all book data from the internet.
This file can be browsed, sorted and searched in various ways (e.g. find all books with the word "house" in the title, sort your books by Genre, etc...). Book lists can be printed and exported. First press Insert in Book Collector to start an online query. Then type the ISBN, title or author to add. Book Collector will download all information about it from the internet - including the cover image - and add it to your file. No typing needed! Then use the Explorer-like screen to view your list of books.
You can download a free copy of the software. Unlicensed copies are limited to 50 books. If you decide you like it you can buy a license key for US$25 (a license key is a 12-digit number based on your name). Enter your key into the License screen of the software and the 50 book limit will be removed. Ordering is risk-free because of our 30-day money back guarantee.

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