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Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle

The truth is not always what it seems...

Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle Download

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Description of Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle:

Prince Shawn of Whiteshadow Isle had always led a sheltered life. His father, King Luke, and stepfather, King Brett, had always tried to make sure that when he took over the throne of Whiteshadow Isle, he was unaffected by the "commoner" world around him. On his fifteenth birthday, in keeping with the traditions of the kingdom, Shawn was obliged to choose a boy who would rule beside him, when his time came to ascend to the throne. However, instead of choosing one of the hundreds of lads who came to the palace that day, he chose a young beggar, Carter, who had snuck in. Soon after that, the women of the New Grasbey Republic declared war on Whiteshadow Isle, and Shawn finally learned the truth about the violent history between the men and the women, and their subsequent segregation from each other. At least, he thinks it's the truth....

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