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Comic Collector Standard

Comic book collection organizer

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Description of Comic Collector Standard:

Comic Collector is a program for organizing your personal collection of comics. You can use it to create a file with detailed information about your comic collection. The "Add Multiple Comics" feature lets you add entire series of comic books in one single action.
This file can be browsed, sorted and searched in various ways (e.g. find all comics with the word "sword" in the title, sort your comics by genre, etc...). Comic lists can be printed and exported to HTML or CSV files.
First enter the information you're interested in - Comic Collector has many fields, but you just enter those you need. Whether you collect comics because you admire the artist or because of their value, Comic Collector will work for you. Once the data is in the database, you can perform loan management, grouping, filtering and reporting functions on your collection.
You can download a free copy of the software. Unlicensed copies are limited to 100 comics. If you decide you like it you can buy a license key for US$25 (a license key is a 12-digit number based on your name). Enter your key into the License screen of the software and the 100 comic limit will be removed. Ordering is risk-free because of our 30-day money back guarantee.

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