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Of Dreams

An introduction to dream analysis in simple terms

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Angie has maintained #1 expert status for over a month at in a crowd of 211 other experts. There are many books on the market that described dreams in a language only scholars can understand. Or the steps are too complicated to figure out for the average person. When books place names such as Freud, Plato, Kleitman and Jung on their pages then smother them with words such as "archetypes, hypnogogic and hypnopompic," the average reader is discouraged and believe that dream analogy is too complicated to do on their own. Of Dreams takes the philosophical confusion out of understanding the dream dimension so that not only scholars could master the secrets of this magical world, but the average person. Of Dreams has taken the art of reading dreams to a new, easy level combining dream halting or enhancing herbs, crystals and stones to assist on your dream quest. Also included are elemental power therapies, magical stones for your astrological sign, child's play, meditation, dream control, meanings and much more to help you become the master of your dreams.

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